Drive new sales and leverage customer demand through the product management and commerce capabilities of Slatwall. Robust product management allows your business to sell unique product options and configurations in a single platform.

Slatwall Commerce’s dynamic integration options for backend systems, promotions, and merchandising, as well as the ability to sell across multiple channels, give you endless opportunities to grow and capture new business.


Go further with Slatwall Commerce’s advanced product features. Any eCommerce platform will allow you to create simple products - the power of the Slatwall Commerce platform provides the advanced capabilities and configuration options necessary to handle the unique requirements of your business.

Slatwall Commerce includes robust configuration options for merchandising, inventory, shipping, and fulfillment. Set up your configuration at a global level and add in the special rules and business logic wherever it’s needed.

Combined with flexible setup and configuration, the platform supports rich promotions, dynamic pricing engine, and merchandising across multiple channels to ensure that your marketing team has all the flexibility and options required to promote and sell.


Improve your catalog by creating subscription products that are delivered to your customers each month automatically. Slatwall Commerce includes the setup and configuration tools to create any subscription model that makes sense for your business. Define exactly how long each subscription should last, set up free trials, give unique renewal benefits, and much more.

You can also leverage the subscription functionality to sell digital subscriptions (magazines, downloads, and access) or memberships. Build a business line that sells access to premium content or training with special pricing discounts and more for your best customers.

All subscriptions products, delivery or digital, can be included in promotions, pricing, and merchandising. There are no limitations to how or where you sell your subscription products.


Have paywall or premium content that you want to charge customers for access to? Or have a members-only area? Slatwall Commerce can integrate with your content management system to secure existing content, create content products, and include the subscription products for your business into a single offering.

Leverage your training documents or offer customers a unique content offering that’s only available to members after logging in. Slatwall Commerce connects your products together with subscription products, content access/paywall, and merchandise all able to be sold together or combined to create unique product offerings.

Gift Cards

Give your customers the opportunity to create gifting opportunities for their friends and family with electronic gift cards. Slatwall Commerce includes gift card creation, management, and promotion tools as standard functionality. Easy to create gift card products built into the core commerce platform means you can offer gift cards as standalone products, include them with product kits, or as promotional benefits.

Through the management tools, you have complete control over the gift cards you’ve sold. Assist customers with redemption, check balances, resend email notifications, and more.


Create, set up, and define event registration products that are a perfect complement to secure content, subscriptions, and the rest of your catalog. Define unique event locations, handle waitlisting, and configure the exact event details for your customer. Events setup allows your team to create events for purchase or registration only.

Marketing teams may create event products that are designed for in-person or virtual attendance supported by custom locations, pricing, and registration date.

With merchandising and event products handled in a single platform, businesses can leverage customer accounts, promotions, and marketing opportunities consistently across all sales channels.

Product Bundling & Kits

Combine existing items from your product catalog to create unique kits, bundles, and custom packages.

Create customized groups of product choices and allow customers to make their own selections. With Slatwall’s bundle and kit functionality, marketing and product teams can create unique product offerings without the need for development support.

Unique product merchandising features also allow you to easily sell your product bundles and kits alongside the rest of your products.

Optimize Product Content

Slatwall Commerce is built to meet the expectation that many products and product catalogs are highly unique and customized.

Manage your entire product catalog, create unique product landing pages, and apply custom pricing. Enhance your product selling with specifications, files, images, and custom data points.

Create options to optimize product data focused on marketing, display, and product layout. Customizations can be set up according to the product type and added at any time. Any of the custom properties can be added and managed without the need for developer support, giving your creative, marketing, and product teams the opportunity to drive business without worrying about cost or delays.

Product Search & Filtering

Your product catalog is unique and so is how your customers will search it. Any of the customizations you add to your catalog are search and filter capable. Use the filtering on your website, within the API or in the Slatwall management suite. Let your customers use exactly the search filters they want to find the right product as quickly as possible.

With the Slatwall Commerce Collections functionality, any searches you run can be saved and turned into dynamic data reports.

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