One Size Doesn't Fit All

How do you adapt your business to the eCommerce platform you’ve selected? Easy - you don’t. We believe it’s the other way around. Can your eCommerce platform support the competitive advantages of your business? Supporting growth, creating new opportunities and reaching new customers means that you need a flexible eCommerce platform designed to support businesses of all types and sizes.

Future Growth

It’s a challenge to make an eCommerce investment today that supports your business into the future. It means you need a fully-featured platform with the capability to grow, expand and adapt over time with you. Slatwall Commerce is a headless commerce platform built on top of a flexible framework that gives marketing and technical teams the opportunity to build exactly the types of sales channels and customer experiences they need.

There is no design lock-in, template restriction or limitation on available sales channel integration. Slatwall Commerce supports your business no matter where it’s selling or servicing customers.

Settings & Configuration

“I sell everything the same way, except... “ There are always exceptions to the rule especially in business. The variety in your product catalog, order handling, and account management is what makes your business unique.

With Slatwall Commerce, you control how you sell and manage your business with as much specification as you need. Do you need to allow backordering for a certain item? What about giving one customer a higher credit limit? With Slatwall, it’s up to your team to control, configure and refine the settings and configuration that makes your business work.

The robust settings and configuration options mean your eCommerce platform works exactly how you need without custom programming and added cost.

All My Data

So much of eCommerce comes down to data - collecting, storing, accessing and reporting - are all built on top of rich datasets that are unique to each business. Most eCommerce platforms restrict how much interaction eCommerce teams have with the data of their business - whether it’s a lack of flexibility or integration, the data is locked away.

With our “Attribute” feature set, Slatwall Commerce gives businesses the ability to extend and customize their product data and access their data for reporting, marketing and integration without custom development.

Integrate your data into other services and platforms such as ERP or CRM, connect with analytics and reporting tools to make better marketing decisions and inform the product team about what’s selling.

With Slatwall, the entire business can access, use and learn from the data in it’s eCommerce platform.


Making everything work better together.

With a completely open API and a framework built for integration with other systems and services, Slatwall Commerce really does play well with others.

Modern eCommerce operations rely on a multitude of services and systems to handle any of the various critical business functions. Shipping, payments, analytics and more all rely on access into an eCommerce platform in order to deliver maximum benefit and be as efficient as possible.

While Slatwall Commerce includes dozens of built-in integrations with service providers from payment gateways to shipping companies, your business may need it’s own custom integration to backend systems or other services. Because Slatwall Commerce is built on top of a robust API framework, an internal technical or marketing team may take on the integration task itself reducing development costs, timing, and improving efficiency.

Beyond providing data out to other services and systems, technical teams can also connect to Slatwall to push data and information into the platform. For example, companies often connect their ERP systems to push product availability, pricing updates, availability and more. Ensuring that the storefront has the most accurate and up-to-date product information.

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