Stop letting your eCommerce direct your design decisions. Our headless commerce flexibility allows your creative team to design and launch exactly the storefront you want. Save time and build more efficiently without wondering if you’re able to work around the restrictions of your commerce platform. 

With the combination of headless commerce and robust marketing and business features, your team can focus exclusively on building storefronts that drive business and delight customers instead of worrying about building back-office toolsets. 

Efficient Implementation

Love the design you already have? Want to re-platform while keeping your existing design or templates? Slatwall Commerce makes that possible.

Taking on an entire re-platforming together with a redesign is a daunting challenge - it’s time-intense, comes with business risk, and can be extremely expensive. Don’t get forced into taking on both challenges at the same time. Create separation between the front end display and backend functionality using the headless commerce capability in Slatwall Commerce to launch the new platform while maintaining your existing design.

Slatwall Commerce has built-in support for multi-channel and multi storefront environments which means that you can choose to slowly upgrade all your sites rather than doing it all at the same time. Launch one site with an upgraded design while continuing to support older sites running on legacy designs. 

Headless Commerce

With headless commerce, you won’t ever be forced to compromise for poor front end templates and design again. Pick the content management system that best suits your needs and pair it with Slatwall - seamlessly. Your CMS will handle the display and content while Slatwall handles the commerce and data - they’ll make a perfect team.

Besides design, why integrate headless commerce with your existing content management system? It’s simple - let your software solutions do what they are designed to do. Because the headless commerce experience ensures that your data delivery is optimized, your website is faster and isn’t loading unnecessary data or files. The site becomes more responsive and load times are decreased.

As additional sales channels are added to your business, you can simply connect them into the Slatwall platform, no matter what CMS you want to use. 

Bring Your Own CMS

Slatwall means CMS freedom with no restrictions - use what your marketing and creative teams are comfortable with. Slatwall is complete with the tools they can use to build the best experience for your customers, whether on the web or mobile device. 

Integration teams can leverage the full coverage Slatwall Commerce API, leverage existing frontend starter kits or build using the Slatwall Commerce SDK. Utilize the development resources that are the best fit for your team to get started quickly and launch faster. 

Multi Storefronts

When you have more choice in how you build and the tools you use, your business has more options to launch additional storefronts. Mobile, in-person, online, B2B, and more all represent new sales channels - each with their own design and creative challenges.

Manage all of your storefronts from a single Slatwall management console while keeping the creative, design, content, and look and feel unique to that experience. Launch separate brand stores, maintain mini-sites, landing pages, or marketing campaigns each with their own unique storefront and creative, but all tied into the Slatwall Commerce platform.

Slatwall offers multisite and multi-location ordering support in addition to built-in interfaces for point-of-sale retail ordering and customer service order entry. With support for the built-in or web storefronts, order source and order origin tracking are maintained automatically. Not only can you track an order based on the site that generated it, but you can also select specific inventory, messaging, and catalogs to manage a completely unique store.

Marketing and business teams can elect to specifically manage products, orders, and accounts on a site-by-site basis. The functionality of the backend supports the multi-storefront environment in all aspects of product, order, account, and reporting management. Built-in workflow and automation tools ensure that data is routed to the correct systems and integrations to maintain efficiency in operation and messaging.

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