Are you a marketing agency or consultant looking to add eCommerce to your list of services?

Partnering with Slatwall Commerce offers a unique opportunity for marketing, design, PR or branding agencies to capture new business in the eCommerce space. From B2B to complex B2C projects, Slatwall is flexible enough to drive business for your entire client list. You can confidently offer Slatwall as a solution that will meet their business challenges and allow you to capture additional project and recurring revenue streams.

Slatwall is led by a team of eCommerce experts who are available to support your sales efforts and uncover new business opportunities. We can review RFP’s, consult on technical project approaches, assist in proposal writing and educate and inform clients in calls or meetings.  

A partnership with Slatwall Commerce also means we will promote your services to our vast network and client base. We can explore co-marketing opportunities through content, presentations, branded eBooks and other creative ideas.

Technology Partner


  • Increase revenue opportunities through complex eCommerce projects.

  • Receive recurring revenue through Slatwall’s SaaS model.

  • Realize ongoing commission from development work for 12 months after a project launch.

  • Actively engage with Slatwall to inform the product roadmap and feature development.

Co-marketing Initiatives

  • Collaborate on email campaigns, webinars, events, and more.

  • Share authored blog posts.

  • Create co-branded eBooks.

  • Reach target audiences promoting services & solutions.

Ready to become a partner?

Expand your offerings, grow your customer base, and build a new revenue stream today!