What is headless commerce and why is it changing how marketing teams and businesses are building their storefronts online?

Building an online store used to mean either the eCommerce platform handled everything from content to storefront, or using your content platform and plugging in an eCommerce functionality and hoping it would do everything you needed it to. 

Unfortunately, both of these approaches meant asking one system to handle two very different functions. Typically, the system will handle one part really well with the second being a challenge. 

Anyone who uses an eCommerce platform to manage content and storefront will quickly find that designs are restrictive, content functionality is limited, and connections to the website content are non-existent. The team who elects to use an eCommerce plugin on top of their existing content management system (CMS) may discover that the plugin is seriously lacking in capability, functionality and requires additional plugins for even the most basic of tools.

At the end of the day, both options are asking a system to do something it wasn’t designed to do. Headless commerce takes the opposite approach - the priority focused on finding the systems that are the best fit for your business need and not making compromises. With modern web technology built on top of API architecture, making the connection between the two systems is as easy as ever.

Coupled with a rapidly evolving mobile commerce landscape and set of customer expectations, merchants need to be able to deliver better experiences through powerful eCommerce functionality in order to stay competitive. While both types of systems, CMS and eCommerce, have grown more complicated they have also grown more important to the organization. Expecting that an organization can completely rebuild all of its customer touchpoints (websites, mobile, storefront and more) each time there is a change or upgrade required for their eCommerce platform just isn’t an option.

Headless eCommerce

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