• Use only the Slatwall Commerce services that are needed. While Slatwall is full-suite, the modular approach means each collection of services and tools is independent of the rest of the platform.
  • Modularity supports adaptation. Launch multiple storefronts or sales channels that each use different platform modules or feature sets within Slatwall. All for the same price.

Connect Slatwall Commerce with your ERP to unlock more eCommerce functionality, build the storefronts you want, and grow your digital commerce business.

Modular eCommerce platforms fit into your existing business, delivering enterprise eCommerce functionality while giving your company implementation flexibility. In other words, your business can use exactly the commerce services it needs when it needs them.

Many of the technology services you’re utilizing probably have overlapping feature sets. For eCommerce, this might mean that there are multiple platforms (both ERP and eCommerce) that are capable of delivering fulfillment and inventory data. And it can be hard to know which of these options a business team should use. A modular commerce solution means your team can choose which solution is best based on the business requirements. This modularity also means you’re spending less time integrating and can launch faster without workarounds or hacks to make everything work.

Slatwall Commerce is a modular platform that can deliver the entire eCommerce lifecycle. Therefore, you’re free to choose only the services and features you need or you can use the platform to manage your entire digital commerce operations. 

Beyond ERP integrations, Slatwall Commerce pairs well with other back-office systems including product information management (PIM), marketing engines (ESP, automation, and business intelligence), and many more. Whether at launch or as the business matures, the combination of services that will connect to Slatwall Commerce is almost always unique.

Over time, a flexible and modular platform becomes even more important. Use Slatwall Commerce to meet your current needs, knowing that it can grow alongside your business and adapt to changing environments without the need to replace the entire commerce engine.

By syncing with Slatwall Commerce, you can continue to use an ERP technology to handle fulfillment and shipping, manage order processing, inventory, CRM, or other datasets. A strong syncing system is possible when Slatwall Commerce and the ERP platform are both integration friendly and can connect together through flexible API options.

As a Slatwall Commerce-powered business, you'll have access to dedicated customer success and technical teams to ensure that the integrations between Slatwall and your ERP platform are optimized. 

By leveraging the commerce services and modular flexibility of Slatwall Commerce, businesses can select the perfect combination of services to build amazing storefronts and experiences for their customers.

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