• A dedicated eCommerce vendor means you can update and upgrade your platform separately from the rest of the back-office infrastructure.
  • Modern commerce frameworks are designed to integrate, make more services available, and are built to integrate with back-office systems.

Connect Slatwall Commerce with your ERP to unlock more eCommerce functionality, build the storefronts you want, and grow your digital commerce business.

For a business, there are ever-growing demands to support new ways of selling, building storefronts, and meeting customer expectations. Innovation and development in the eCommerce platform and service market moves ahead at a breakneck pace. Services and technologies that are not adaptable and are not able to maintain that speed of innovation will quickly fall behind the curve. 

Modern commerce frameworks are built around the idea of delivering a set of eCommerce tools for developers and marketing services that are flexible, easier to upgrade and deploy and integrate with the rest of the business.

New technologies and services such as headless commerce, subscription commerce, and API-based integrations have highlighted the need for businesses to connect commerce services to the rest of their business and move away from all-in-one services that try to provide everything to a business. 

Migrating away from all-in-one solutions that tightly couple eCommerce with ERP solutions, means that companies are free to choose eCommerce platforms that best fit their needs rather than one that will “work-with” their ERP solution. 

Now, both marketing, technology, and business teams can launch storefronts that are feature-rich and deliver a true modern commerce service. 

Marketing teams have demands of their eCommerce platforms, from a robust promotion engine and design flexibility to multichannel support with reporting and analytics. As a complete platform, Slatwall Commerce can meet the needs of the entire marketing and sales team. 

Not only can Slatwall Commerce enable business users and marketers to control their storefronts, but the platform is also developer-friendly with headless commerce support. Technology and development teams can leverage Slatwall Commerce to build eCommerce storefronts, connect Slatwall to internal systems and rely on a stable and secure hosting environment. 

With a full coverage API and a commerce-core built on top of a modular framework, Slatwall is designed to provide an entire commerce solution while being integration-friendly with existing business systems.

Use the modern eCommerce technology stack to integrate with other services such as email, CRM, and more. As your business grows and service needs change, the integration flexibility in the Slatwall Commerce core allows the marketing and technology team to continue to deliver without needing to re-platform. 

The Slatwall Commerce platform is designed to provide commerce service as the business grows and changes over time. As part of the SaaS service, platform upgrades are included as part of the standard service. There are no separate versions or hidden features - the Slatwall Commerce platform is kept modern, current, and upgraded which means one less thing for your technology team to worry about keeping up to date or secure.

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