• Advanced automation, reporting, and workflow are accessible to all members of the business team - no SQL, code, or development skills required. The Telligence suite of reporting tools built into Slatwall Commerce’s core empowers your entire team.
  • Better internal controls keep data up-to-date automatically, and also reduce some of the data processing needs for the organization.
  • Schedule data to be synchronized between both systems as often as needed. With refreshed data, users of either system can be assured that they’re making accurate decisions based on accurate data.

When it’s time to level up and grow your digital commerce business, set your key business processes on autopilot with Slatwall Commerce Workflow.

With so much data being generated by your eCommerce platform on a daily basis it’s impossible to keep up without missing something or hiring a team of data analysts to review it all.

The reporting and automation capabilities in Slatwall Commerce’s Telligence suite, give your business team the ability to analyze and take action. Telligence connects your unique data set - everything from products and orders to automation functionality - so your team can deliver smarter messaging to your customers, send alerts to your sales teams, keep an eye on product inventory, and much more. Because Slatwall is built to be customized, the possibilities for how you can leverage automation to improve your business are endless.

Your eCommerce storefronts powered by Slatwall Commerce will be interconnected with a number of systems across the organization from CRM and ERP to email marketing and analytics. The API-based commerce engine in Slatwall is built to efficiently deliver data with intelligence. As part of the Telligence suite of tools built into Slatwall’s core, business teams can trigger data sync, business processes or even send data to remote systems without writing any code or SQL. They will also be able to work more efficiently, access rich datasets, and gain new insights into the business that had previously been kept under lock and key by IT teams.

Adding eCommerce technology to your organization doesn’t have to only apply to customers and building business, it can improve how efficiently your key departments and resources are utilized. For example, instead of investing hours of time in handling customer service requests or managing accounts payable, your fully functional customer portal can alleviate some of that load. The portal is completely connected to your ERP solution and can keep both account and order history data in sync. 

Data from across the eCommerce platform can be managed and kept up to date across both systems. Order, product, and account (and more) can all be managed and both pushed or pulled from one system to the other. Within Slatwall Commerce, technical teams can configure automation to occur as often as needed. The ability to control and specify workflow scheduling means that traffic flow is optimized, data is updated when it’s needed and fewer development resources are required.

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