Slatwall makes development easy.

Scalable Architecture w/Options

Since its inception, Slatwall has been a platform focused on providing as many options as possible. We recognize that the modern developer is often asked to accomplish very challenging requirements under the strictest environmental conditions.

True CMS Freedom

Your primary website management tool should be a CMS and not a shopping cart. We know that every web developer has a CMS they prefer and that's why Slatwall is designed from the ground up to work with any CMS you choose. Often you're tasked with adding commerce functionality to an existing website, and starting from scratch is never fun. With Slatwall, you can use our CMS plugins, native language SDK's or simply add JavaScript to your templates for full commerce support.

The OS you Choose

Slatwall runs on a JVM which means you can deploy test instances or full production environments on Mac, Windows, Linux or Unix. Whatever fits your fancy, we can work with that!

Data in your Favorite Flavor

When you sign up for a Slatwall server you never need to worry about relational databases and license fees. However, if you ever decide to pull down your data and host your own Slatwall server, you can run it on any of the top 3 relational database engines; MySql, Microsoft SQL Server or Oracle.

Easily Extendable

We get it, your business has data and processes that are unique! That's why every aspect of Slatwall can be customized while keeping you on the upgrade path. You can extend the database model, create your own administrative utilities, or simply just tie into our robust API to implement any requirement imaginable.

True PCI Compliance

Maintaining a secure application isn't just hard, it's also a potential liability. Too often developers think that their application meets the standards, when in fact there are vulnerabilities left and right. Let us take the compliance issue off your plate so you can focus on what you do best!

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