Upgrading from Version 2.x

If you are currently running Slawtall version 2.3 or newer as a plugin to Mura, please follow these steps to migrate to the latest version.

  1. Make a backup of Site Files & Database
  2. In Mura admin, update the core mura files to the latest version of Mura
  3. In the Mura admin, Delete the slatwall plugin (this step will NOT delete your data)
  4. Download the new Mura Connector Plugin from either www.slatwallcommerce.com/developer/downloads/, or directly from it's github repository: github.com/ten24/slatwall-mura
  5. Install the plugin that you have downloaded into your Mura Application.
  6. NOTE: If you are updating and plan to have your legacy frontend views work (see below) then you probably want to set the setting of "Create Default Pages and Templates" to "No" when installing the plugin.

When this new Mura integration plugin gets installed, it will automatically download and install the latest stable release of slatwall directly in your Mura root folder. The new connector plugin serves as a go-between from Mura to Slatwall and is required now that Slatwall is a standalone application and not itself a plugin for Mura.

IMPORTANT: The old 2.x version of Slatwall used a "frontend" subsystem to do all of the listing displays, product detail, checkout, my-account, etc. This subsystem has been DEPRECATED in version 3.0 for the new "public" subsystem that functions differently. We highly recommend reading up on the "frontend development" portion of these docs to learn how the new API functions. If you do not wish to update the forms & displays for an existing site, you can tell the Mura integration to Inject the Legacy Views (ie: frontend subsystem). To do that follow these steps

Legacy Frontend Setup

  1. In the Slatwall admin go to "Config >> Integrations".
  2. Open the "Mura" integration.
  3. In the settings tab edit the "Inject Legacy Views" setting
  4. Change the value to 'yes' and save.
  5. In your mura root open up the file: /config/cfapplication.cfm
  6. Add a line at the bottom with this:
    <cfset this.customtagpaths = listAppend(this.customtagpaths, "{FullSystemPathToSlatwall}/Slatwall/tags") />

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