Planning, building, and launching a B2B eCommerce project is complicated. Our FREE eBook and Planning Worksheet will help you make better decisions, document your requirements, and navigate the process successfully.

Our 7 Keys eBook to a Successful B2B eCommerce Project covers these important steps:

The Planning Framework

Your planning framework is the first key to eCommerce success, whether you’re selling a service, an event, subscriptions, access to online content, merchandise, or a combination of these items.

Marketing Objectives

Addressing and identifying your organization's short- and long-term marketing goals is an important step in the eCommerce project planning process.

Operational Objectives

These specific and measurable short-term goals will help you achieve your long-term goals and improve budgeting.

Internal Resources and Vendors

Learn about devoting the right people and resources you’ll need to fulfill both project-related and ongoing objectives.

Timeline and Budgeting

Learn about defining critical timeline milestones, managing upfront costs and financing, contingency planning, and more.

Implementation and Post-Launch

Understand the typical implementation process, dealing with "unknown unknowns", and what happens after you've successfully launched an eCommerce project.