The Slatwall Commerce team is excited to announce the release of version 5.0.  This major release includes enhancements to the SKU Pricing Manager, allowing changes to be administered directly to your products sku listing quickly and easily. Some of the most notable improvements include:

In addition to the SKU Pricing Manager enhancements, we have many UI improvements for Merchandising that will introduce some important functionality from a marketing standpoint. These new features include the following:

We also improved many other experiences:

Upcoming Releases

Along with these great features added in 5.0, the crew is hard at work developing functionality for version 5.1 and beyond.  With upcoming releases we're focused on testing and releasing Pick / Pack / Ship Batch Fulfillment. This new UI will allow you to process batches of orders for fulfillment along with pick waves to optimize the back-office process. This also includes the ability to print shipping labels right from the Slatwall admin.

As always, this is just a list of highlighted features. For the full release notes in version 5.0, visit us on github.

Stay tuned for the new additions in 5.1 and beyond!!