Hot on the trail of version 4.2, fewer than 8 weeks ago, we've recently released version 4.3 which has some major functionality improvements. By moving to a more modular client side architecture we are now able to release UI improvements on a much more accelerated timescale.

This wasn't all just under-the-hood tuning, we've also fixed a lot of administrative performance issues and bugs. In addition, there is a new library of AngularJS based frontend directives so that developers can roll out Slatwall functionality on ANY type of website, and have it seamlessly communicate with the RESTful API.

Probably one of the best improvements is the addition of the TravisCI build for automated test-running and verification of Pull Request.  In the months to come we should have some enhanced documentation around all of these new improvements, and how to take advantage as a Slatwall developer and contributor.

Version 4.3 (Sasquatch) was really a setup release for Version 4.4 (Bearded Crouch) which is where we start to take advantage of all the API and UI components we've been building out for the administrator. Stay tuned because 2016 is heating up with tons of new features in the Slatwall core.