Ten24 Digital Solutions, along with the entire open-source community, is excited to announce the Slatwall 3.0 Beta release. Completely re-worked from the ground up, Slatwall 3.0 includes dozens of features requested by the community, improves customer support and inventory capabilities for administrators, and is content management system independent.

What to Look For in Slatwall 3.0:

 Application and Content Management System Independence

Slatwall needs no other software to be fully operable – whether you’re a developer wishing to try out an ecommerce solution without being tied to a particular CMS or a web site owner who is already with a system, Slatwall can be built to work as a part of any comprehensive solution. Slatwall 3.0 arrives with integrations for Mura and Coldbox, but the opportunities are endless.

 Admin Order Entry

Create, process, and manage orders completely from within Slatwall – no front end required! Administrators can also offer customer support on the fly, easily managing all aspects of orders, from order items to shipping, from one screen.

 Email & Print Templating, Event Framework

Does your organization need customized packing slips, order receipts, or emails? Slatwall now offers a comprehensive solution to meet your growing needs. Add and edit fields, schedule and trigger sending and printing, and programmatically hook into events.

 Property Level Permissions (Create, Read, Update, and/or Delete)

Great for organizations who want to give back-end access to certain individuals, but not allow them to access and change everything, Slatwall’s new permissions functionality allows administrators to set up permission groups. Once assigned to users, these groups limit the capabilities of those accounts to the desired areas.

 Physical Count Support

Syncing warehouse inventories with online numbers in Slatwall is now as simple as uploading a text file. With Slatwall’s new “Physicals” section, store managers can update and track inventory levels in Slatwall from one screen. Included in this update is realtime rollback for counting, allowing for time tracked inventory updating without the usual “inventory freezing” process to ensure a correct count.

Other Features in 3.0:

Where Is Slatwall Headed Next?

As ten24 works to go from beta to full release, we want to thank all of the community members that continue to contribute via the google group and bug reporting. With your feedback and assistance with 3.0, we are confident Slatwall 3.0 will revolutionize eCommerce management.