We are excited to announce the release of Slatwall Commerce 5.5!

The latest release of Slatwall Commerce includes new features, enhancements, and updates for marketing and technology teams. For the business user, we've launched a new reporting builder alongside enhancements to the data analysis and reporting tools. Marketers can now gain better insight into their storefronts through better, more open datasets without writing queries or waiting for IT.

Continuing our focus to ensure that Slatwall Commerce is as developer-friendly as possible, we've enhanced our API and data services to make building powerful headless commerce-powered storefronts as fast as possible.

What's New?

New Reporting Engine

The Slatwall Commerce platform is built for marketing teams who need an eCommerce platform that delivers key business features and tools without add-ons and plugins that slow down launch time and add unnecessary costs.

The new reporting engine delivers exactly what marketing teams need to gain insights, make better decisions, and integrate their commerce platform into the business. Featuring a brand new user-interface that includes a graph builder, customizable data, and report screens along with complete integration across the entire platform.

In addition to the new report generator, a number of new out-of-the-box reports are included including subscription reporting, order reports, and much more. Not only can you get up and running with Slatwall Commerce faster, but you have immediate access to enhanced reporting to gain valuable insights into your business.

Slatwall Dashboard


Think of all those key business insights you could make if you only have better access to data and analytics from your eCommerce platform. Forced to go to the IT team whenever you have data related questions? Forced to learn SQL? Not with Slatwall. Marketers need live data immediately and should be able to manipulate and filter dynamically. Not only that, they should be able to save and refer to those reports as often as they need to. Our data collections functionality is built into all views in the administration panel and includes all data types. Create, customize, and save the exact reports and datasets you want with our data collections toolset.

All users now have access to create and share custom reports throughout the administration area. Saved reports are exportable and available through the API and front end websites. Build a smart, dynamic product list in the admin and then display it on the website. Create a dynamic list of potential customers that your sales team can nurture. It’s all possible with limitless reporting and data building capabilities.

Finally, collections is tightly woven into other Slatwall Commerce capabilities including marketing automation and workflow. Collections can be used to trigger email campaigns, data processing and updates and even webhooks. These events help to reduce and sometimes eliminate costly development and integration costs when they can be run dynamically out of the Slatwall administration.


We’ve released new collections and reporting features, what can you do with that data? Of course, you can export and access via the API, but what about automation? That’s where our workflow toolset comes in.

Use workflow to create scheduled campaigns that run off the unique data collections you’ve created. What kind of scheduled campaigns can you run? Abandoned cart notifications, low inventory alerts, large-purchase alerts, new customer training, and much, much more.

For developers, workflows can be used to process data (update orders, account, or other related data based on logic) or data can be passed along to webhooks. Think of all the integrations you can write and not need to produce any code.

Of course, workflow means more than running off a data collection - what about all the events that happen? Orders are placed, packages are sent, accounts created, and much more. Workflow manages those events too. Trigger actions including sending email messages, passing data to webhooks, and processing actions. All with the ability to filter data, use dynamic conditions, and control multiple actions.

Workflow gives automation power to business and technical teams to be faster, smarter, and more efficient.

API Enhancements

As part of our continuing efforts to make Slatwall Commerce easily accessible for developers and integration partners, this latest release includes a number of enhancements to our API structure. Our API is full coverage, the entire toolset is available for developers to connect with, however, we have added some additional performance enhancements and made more shortcuts available to improve the API and make it faster to build for the frontend. If you’re building headless commerce experiences, we’ve made the development process faster with fewer development resources needed.

Search Engine Optimization

We’ve “optimized” the search engine optimization capabilities in Slatwall Commerce. Our latest enhancements help you get more done effortlessly and have expanded the number and type of objects that can be used for SEO.

In addition to optimizing all the categories, brands, and product type lists, any custom field can drive your SEO efforts with complete customization. Add content and marketing copy to any field type for additional automatically generated product lists and create more keyword-rich content. 

Pick, Pack, Ship

Getting packages and shipments out the door as fast and efficiently as possible is a challenge and requires flexibility from your eCommerce platform.

The updated “Pick, Pack, Ship” interface allows fulfillment teams and operations to utilize Slatwall Commerce to organize and process batches of orders for shipping. Designed for efficiency and customized business processes because every organization ships and fulfills orders slightly differently.

Print labels, generate tracking orders, and more from the same interface. We’ve even integrated payment processing, box/package sizing, and email notifications into the interface. Users can run the entire picking and packaging process from a single screen that’s designed for both desktop and tablet use cases. Take the tablet into the warehouse, make decisions, process orders, and more.

Product Image Management

Managing product imagery? Not fun, we get it. Whether you have a limited product catalog or thousands of items to sell and merchandise, the process of managing product imagery is one of the biggest challenges.

Whether managing product data, resources, and images within Slatwall Commerce directly or integrating with a product management system like an ERP or PIM, it is now easier and more flexible than ever to leverage product image assets across the entire catalog.

What’s Coming Next?

We’re not resting after the release of this new version of Slatwall. Check out our product roadmap to see our exciting plans and where we’re headed next.

Stay tuned for our new feature posts which will explore improvements and new Slatwall functionality and features in greater detail.