Branding & Design Friendly

Have complete control over the design, look-and-feel and layout of your website. With no rigid design restrictions, Slatwall Commerce is design friendly and built to be CMS friendly. Whether you’re adding eCommerce to existing design or starting from scratch, the flexible

Omnichannel & Multisite

Deliver unique, personalized commerce experiences wherever your customers are. Power multiple sites from a single platform and keep in-store sales automatically updated with our native POS. Slatwall’s headless commerce capability allows you to sell across various CMS implementations and multiple websites.

Easy multi-site management and support mean that marketing and sales teams are free to launch across multiple platforms through the web, marketplaces, apps, and more and leverage new sales channels to drive business. Marketing can support landing page commerce, mini-sites, and other marketing-driven initiatives while still connected to a single commerce platform.

With international-friendly support for multiple languages, pricing, and currencies, a global enterprise can use Slatwall Commerce as a single platform across all markets to ensure consistent worldwide customer experiences.

Headless Commerce Flexibility

Give your marketing team the freedom to create more flexible and consistent experiences for your customers. By leveraging Slatwall’s powerful headless commerce functionality and robust APIs, you can enjoy more freedom around the front-end of your site, seamlessly run multiple sites and channels, and make changes quickly all without disrupting your backend.

Our headless commerce platform gives your marketing and creative team the freedom they’re looking for. No built-in design restrictions or layout requirements that frustrate the design process. Start with the design, layout, and branding that your creative team wants and integrate seamlessly with Slatwall Commerce.

Multi-currency and Multi-language

Selling worldwide? Not only can Slatwall Commerce support businesses with multiple storefronts, but it also powers multiple languages with content and product data without any additional setup. Products, sites, and pricing can also be configured at the currency level to give your local marketing teams exactly the level of control they need to sell differently across the world.

Complete Product Mix

Create, manage, and sell a variety of product types. Slatwall Commerce has everything you need to sell physical goods, digital products, subscription products, events, gift cards, and more. With Slatwall, your business only needs a single commerce system to sell its product catalog - no add-ons, extensions, or plugins necessary.

In fact, the flexibility of the platform allows your team to come up with new ways of selling, with new product offerings and combinations. Because you’re running a single commerce platform, you’re opening up opportunities to sell, promote and list subscriptions, merchandise, gift cards, and memberships together.

Promotion Engine

A complete promotion system is a must, whether you’re running limited promotions or are mixing-and-matching promotions across your entire catalog, the Slatwall promotion engine gives you the flexibility to design unique promotions with exactly the criteria, reward and offer you want.

Not only is the promotion engine flexible, but offers can be combined with other core Slatwall features like customer pricing groups, loyalty programs, and more to leverage the offers you make available to your customers.

Make Product Pricing Management Easier

Pricing can get complicated really quickly. Whether you’re creating a dynamic pricing model or leveraging a back-office system to drive pricing. Slatwall pricing functionality gives you the flexibility to create a pricing structure that works for all your customers.

Whether you want to define prices by product or need to get as detailed as possible, Slatwall allows your product pricing to reflect the level of detail you need. Easily set SKU specific pricing with controls for currency, volume, and price group.

Want to give customers special pricing based on how many units they’re purchasing? Volume pricing is available on any product and can be configured on a currency basis for all your sites.

Customer group pricing works in conjunction with the promotion engine and loyalty group to allow you to give both dynamic or fixed pricing discounts to specific groups of customers.

Loyalty Programs

Take care of your best customers - reward them for their continued loyalty to your storefront with special pricing offers that make them feel special and encourage repeat business.

A configurable points system using order based calculation means the loyalty program includes the settings you need to roll out a program to your best customers effectively. Give extra rewards where and when you need to.

Combined with built-in data reporting and workflow automation, not only can you dynamically message loyal customers, but you will have the tools to build a larger loyal audience as well.

Smart Marketing with Workflow

There’s so much happening on your storefront on a daily basis, there’s no way you could hire enough staff to monitor it all. Slatwall Commerce Workflow functionality helps to fill that gap automatically. Leverage the data and events that happen on your storefront to trigger marketing events that you define.

Send abandoned cart campaigns, trigger birthday messages, thank a customer for reordering, and do it all without lifting a finger. Use Slatwall to build the campaign, create the email, and let it go.

Access to Data

How do you determine how well your marketing campaigns and investment is working? You need access to data. Slatwall Commerce empowers store managers and marketing teams through our Collections interface to access, query, and utilize all the data that the eCommerce platform generates.

Not only is the data completely available through the administration tool, but the Slatwall Commerce API enables developers to connect and integrate with external systems and tools to further enhance your business applications.