Headless commerce for the world’s most popular CMS. Slatwall’s starter kit and templates give development teams the ability to quickly and easily create a storefront, add products, and get launched.


Contentful’s open and flexible content platform adapts to how digital builders work to meet business goals through easy customization and deep integration with any tech stack. Slatwall’s Contentful-based storefront starter kit and template make it simple to get up and running on the frontend.


Styled React-powered starter kit is the perfect way to get started with a storefront project. Complete shopping experience with checkout, account, product search, and detail pages.


Kentico Kontent is a headless CMS that empowers enterprise content teams to manage all their content in a single repository while freeing developers to build engaging digital experiences by using the latest technologies of their choice.

Vue Storefront

Combine Slatwall Commerce with your preferred CMS using Vue Storefront. Leverage best-fit platforms to launch exactly the storefront you want.