Are there any limits on data in terms of number of accounts, orders or products?

None whatsoever. Our pricing is open and upfront [link], you’ll know exactly how much the setup will be and any ongoing charges. Slatwall Commerce has a base SaaS platform fee monthly and applies additional charges based on order volume.

What affects how fast we can get launched?

The goal of our support team is to work with you to assist in getting to launch as quickly as possible. Some of the challenges that may slow down progress are getting access to data or resources necessary for setup.

There are some integrations that we absolutely need for launch?

Have an ERP or other system that has to be integrated into your storefront? No problem, your account manager and our development team will assess any customizations required.

Slatwall Commerce is designed to be integrated with a company's existing technology infrastructure and we have a number of integrations already. As an API-first platform, Slatwall Commerce provides the services and data availability to link with systems and outside services to support all business operations.

What resources will you need from my company?

In order to set up your storefront, our team will need to get an understanding of your business and products. Typically, most of that effort is related to the configuration of Slatwall Commerce and importing that initial dataset (products, orders, accounts)

We recommend you designate a resource on your team to be the main point of contact for our account manager. During the setup process, the account manager will relay any questions from the Slatwall Commerce team through that main point of contact.

Beyond personnel resources, the Slatwall Commerce team will likely ask for product, order history and account data (if available) for import directly into the platform. Product data could include images, documents and other specifications that could be displayed directly to customers.

Should I restrict the available product catalog for online purchasing?

It depends, you may want to limit your product catalog to reduce the amount of time it takes to be launch-ready. Typically, the larger the product catalog the longer it will take for setup, testing and launch preparation.

if you have highly complex, technical and configurable products, those may not be an ideal fit for online sales. However, selling replenishment parts, spare parts and other consumables may be perfect.

The “Account” area of the storefront includes a “re-order” capability to give your customers the opportunity to reorder in only a few clicks.

Are there any features in the Slatwall Commerce platform not included?

None. Your storefront will include the entire Slatwall Commerce platform. As you grow and expand your online business - Slatwall will grow with you. Flexible to integrate with your business systems and capable of supporting all the features you’ll want to add.

From product setup to marketing and merchandising through the commerce experience of ordering, quoting, and fulfillment - Slatwall Commerce is built for the needs of B2B storefronts. View the entire Slatwall Commerce landscape.

Why should I be focused on launching quickly rather than building a complete solution?

The process of starting a B2B storefront from scratch or replacing an existing and outdated presence can be both daunting and expensive. Launching on the Slatwall Commerce platform with our ready-to-go storefront gives your customers a new, fresh experience powered by a modern enterprise platform. And, you didn’t empty your bank account to get it done quickly.

Once live, you’ll be able to measure results, test new marketing campaigns, reach new customers, and enhance your storefront at your own pace.

As you grow and enhance your business online, Slatwall Commerce is designed to grow with you.

Am I going to be able to apply a custom design or look-and-feel later?

Absolutely - Slatwall Commerce has no requirements or built-in design structure. You’re not locked into any design or template structure in the long term.

We recommend that after you’ve launched, your team works with your account manager to review a priority list of “next-steps” which can certainly include design. The design and UI process can take a long time when done correctly - by launching your storefront using our Kickstart storefront, you’re pushing off that resource investment and have begun to learn more about your customers and their expectations.

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