Hayabusa Fightwear
Case Study

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The Situation

Hayabusa is the leading manufacturer and distributor of performance and training combat equipment and apparel to over 160 countries and direct to consumers via their website.  Their e-commerce solution hit a wall with warehousing and inventory control.  With two locations in Canada and the US, inventory became more challenging to manage and track, and more issues were arising that couldn’t be identified. Additionally they preferred an integrated e-commerce solution with a robust content management system (CMS) for their website, a feature that isn’t currently available with their solution.

The Solution

Hayabusa worked with the ten24 team to develop features in Slatwall to streamline inventory control processes between their two warehouses. Slatwall is an open source, web-based e-commerce solution that integrates with the Mura content management system (CMS) for a complete solution. Because Slatwall is open source, its flexible and scalable framework enables businesses to add features in the future as needed and have full control over the platform.  Features include:

Product Manager – create product types and groups, terms, and benefits
Pricing Manager – create pricing groups and promotions
Order Manager – order generation and fulfillment
Vendor Manager – create and manage vendors; synchronize data between different systems
Warehouse Manager – manage stock receiving and adjustments
Integration Manager – integrate with third-party systems
Reporting Manager – create detailed order and inventory reports

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Since implementing Slatwall, Hayabusa now has:

  • Real-time inventory management and control between warehouses
  • Easy data synchronization between systems for up to date inventory and issue tracking
  • More flexibility and ease with updating website content
  • Long-term capability to add features and functionality

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